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tipster (plural tipsters)

  1. A person who provides tips or advice to others, for example on the form of racehorses or the stock market. [from later 19th c.]
  2. (video games, informal) One who provides tips or hints on how to succeed at a game.
    • 1987, CRASH magazine (issue 41, June 1987)
      Absent from the pages of CRASH for a year, ex-tipster Robin Candy returns and puts finger to key to debate the state of the games software industry.
    • 1994, Amiga Power magazine (issue 42)
      Those are the two choice words top tipster Rich Pelley used to describe the monthly helpathon that is the one and only COMPLETE CONTROL.
    • 1995, "Stephen Smith", Zub - Hidden Game? (on newsgroup comp.sys.sinclair)
      Does anybody know what Jon Riglar is doing now? (SU Tipster for about 6 years - Zapchat!).