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From tap one's toes.


toe-tappingly (comparative more toe-tappingly, superlative most toe-tappingly)

  1. In the manner of pleasing rhythmic music, as would make one tap one's toes.
    • 1994 December 15, Pete Clinch, “Nightmare before Christmas”, bit.listserv.cinema-l, Usenet
      I saw this at the end of last week, and it struck me how much more toe tappingly infectious and resonant NBC's score and songs were than The Lion King's.
    • 1996 April 24, Richard Stuart, “Review of Cradle Of Filth - 'Vempire'”, alt.rock-n-roll.metal.death, Usenet
      the "goth rap" bit isn't quite as toe-tappingly catchy as it was before.
    • 2001 April, Matt Groening, “Bendin' in the Wind”, Futurama, season 3, episode 13
      Zoidberg: It's toe-tappingly tragic!