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toledo (plural toledos)

  1. A sword or sword blade made at Toledo in Spain, a city famous in the 16th and 17th centuries for the excellence of its weapons.
    • 1751, [Tobias] Smollett, chapter XXXI, in The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle [], volume I, London: Harrison and Co., [], published 1781, OCLC 316121541:
      Peregrine's weapon entering a kind of net work in the shell of Godfrey's sword, the blade snapped in two, and left him at the mercy of the soldier, who, far from making an insolent use of the victory he had gained, put up his Toledo with great deliberation [] .
    • 1786, Francis Grose, “Description of the Plates. Plate XXXIX.”, in A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, [], London: [] S. Hooper, [], OCLC 642710652, page xv:
      A long toledo, vvith a hilt of filigrained ſteel, length of the blade three feet nine inches, finely tapering to a point.
    • 1820, [Charles Robert Maturin], Melmoth the Wanderer: A Tale. [], volume III, Edinburgh: [] Archibald Constable and Company, and Hurst, Robinson, and Co., [], OCLC 1202978654, page 274:
      ‘Fair Neophyte, beautiful Christian,’ answered the stranger, with a diabolical sneer, ‘be it known to you that I regard bolts, and bars, and walls, as much as I did the breakers and rocks of your Indian isle—that I can go where, and retire when I please, without leave asked or taken of your brother’s mastiffs, or Toledos, or spring-guns, and in utter defiance of your mother’s advanced guard of duennas, armed in spectacles, and flanked with a double ammunition of rosaries, with beads as large as—’




toledo m (plural toledos)

  1. (slang) toilet