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Alternative forms[edit]


Possibly a diminutive in -ie from tuchus.


tookie (plural tookies)

  1. (colloquial) The buttocks.
    • [1958], 1996, Terry Southern, Candy
      It had wetted the tip of the Buddha’s nose, which did seem, thus lubricated, to be undeniable as it moved slowly into Candy’s coyly arched tooky—the warm wet nose of Buddha, the beloved spot of her meditation!
    • 1983, Michael Seide, Common Wilderness[1]:
      Gosh, I hate to say this, but my tookie sure does pain me from sitting so much for nothing, waiting for something real to pop.
    • 2002, Forrest Winfred Ellis, Love Lights My Way[2]:
      Before I left my seat on the bench and went back into the ward, I recognized that I would have to pass the bar exam in the same way: take an intensive bar-review course and work my tookie off!