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tormentor +‎ -ess


  • IPA(key): /tɔɹˈmɛn.tɹəs/
  • (file)


tormentress (plural tormentresses)

  1. A female tormentor.
    • 1601, Philemon Holland, The Historie of the World, commonly called the Naturall Historie (originally by Pliny the Elder)
      Fortune ordinarily cometh after to whip and punish them, as the scourge and tormentresse of glory and honour.
    • 1996, Gordon Williams, Shakespeare, Sex and the Print Revolution:
      But if the victim Lavinia offers a prime example, her tormentress Tamora provides a no less striking model of another kind.
    • 1836. The Meerut Universal Magazine. Volume 2. Pg. 390.
      "Tell me," I repeated, but, alas ! miserably out of tune. My confusion rapidly increased, when the fair tormentress, turning towards me, said, perhaps it is my fault — I am not playing correctly?"