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Four torpedo tubes in a Russian submarine at Kaliningrad.


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torpedo tube (plural torpedo tubes)

  1. (nautical) A metal tube mounted in a submarine or surface warship into which a torpedo may be loaded and launched through the hull or from the deck; a torpedo launcher.
    • 1889, C. Sleeman, Torpedoes and Torpedo Warfare: Containing a Complete Account of the Progress of Submarine Warfare; [], 2nd edition, Portsmouth: Griffin, page 200:
      The Canet torpedo tube, mounted on a movable carriage of a special type, somewhat like that mounted on the decks of ships, can be usefully employed for the defence of narrow channels and rivers.
    • 1901 June 22, “Launch of the Submarine Torpedo Boat ‘Fulton’”, in Scientific American, volume 84, number 25, New York: Munn, page 388:
      The armament consists of a torpedo tube, which is provided with five Whitehead torpedoes.
    • 1902 January 11, “The Launch of the Battleship ‘Missouri’”, in Scientific American, volume 86, number 2, New York: Munn, page 20:
      A new feature which has not before been adopted in the United States navy is the submerged torpedo tube, of which the “Missouri” will carry two. The dangers of above-water torpedo tubes were well exemplified in the Spanish war and in the battle of the Yalu between China and Japan. In both wars a vessel which carried above-water tubes was completely wrecked by the detonation of its own torpedoes–the result of their being hit by the enemy's shell fire.