tracking shot

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tracking shot (plural tracking shots)

  1. (cinematography, film) A continuously recorded segment containing no edits, in which the camera is moved (often mounted on a dolly rolling on tracks) so as to sweep through an extensive area or to follow the physical movement of characters or events.
    • 1984 Oct. 12, Janet Maslin, "Blood Simple, A black-comic romp," New York Times (retrieved 9 July 2012):
      A long, late-night tracking shot from one end of the Neon Boot bar to another actually tracks along the surface of the bar itself—and when there is a drunk passed out on the bar, the camera simply lifts up and flies over him, then continues on its route.
    • 2010 Jan. 25, Richard Corliss, "American Savior: Denzel Washington in Book of Eli," Time:
      In a long tracking shot at the start of the film, a feral cat prowls this wasteland until it is felled by a slow-motion arrow.