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Trailhead, Castroville, Tx

Alternative forms[edit]


trail +‎ head


trailhead (plural trailheads)

  1. The beginning of a trail, often specifically a hiking trail.
    • 2010 January 22, Krista Mahr, “Authentic Asian Experiences (Round II): See Hong Kong's Greener Side”, in Time[1], retrieved 13 August 2016:
      Take a bus or a cab to the trailhead, and walk a couple of hours to the magnificent, cow-inhabited Tai Long Wan beach.
  2. (gaming) The initial clue that leads to an alternate reality game.
    Synonym: rabbit hole
    • 2017, Sangkyun Kim; Kibong Song; Barbara Lockee; John Burton, Gamification in Learning and Education, Springer, →ISBN, page 27:
      The trailhead can be exposed to potential gamers through social network services, websites, emails, or sometimes non-electronic media.

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