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Alternative forms[edit]


From French tramail (net for catching fishes), from Late Latin tremaculum.


tramel (plural tramels)

  1. An instrument, or device, sometimes of leather, more usually of rope, fitted to a horse's legs, to regulate his motions, and force him to amble.
    • 1800, G. G. and J. Robinsom, The Sportsman's Dictionary, R. Nobel, published 1800, page TRA:
      The back-band which is fit for no other use but to bear up the side ropes, should, if you tramel all four legs, be made of fine girth-web, and lined with cotton; but if you tramel but one side, then a common tape will serve, taking care that it carries the side ropes in an even line, without either rising or falling: for if it rises it shortens the side-rope, and if it falls there is danger of its entangling.