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From trans- (across) +‎ genro (gender) +‎ -ulo (person), based on English transgender, French transgenre, Spanish transgénero.


  • IPA(key): /transɡenˈrulo/
  • Hyphenation: trans‧gen‧ru‧lo
  • Rhymes: -ulo


transgenrulo (accusative singular transgenrulon, plural transgenruloj, accusative plural transgenrulojn)

  1. (neologism) a transgender person

Usage notes[edit]

Many Esperanto speakers, including some transgender Esperanto speakers, consider this an anglicism and prefer transseksulo, citing early Esperanto dictionaries (such as that of Kazimierz Bein) which gave two definitions of sekso, one biological and the other social. Still others prefer transgenra homo or transseksa homo, reflecting the idea that their gender does not define them as in other languages.