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The trichomoniasis cycle (life cycle of Trichomonas vaginalis)


From Translingual Trichomonas + -iasis.

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trichomoniasis (usually uncountable, plural trichomoniases)

  1. (medicine) A common sexually transmitted disease caused by the parasite Trichomonas vaginalis and infecting the urinary tract or vagina.
    • 2003, J. P. Ackers, 11: Trichomonads, Stephen Gillespie, Richard D. Pearson (editors), Principles and Practice of Clinical Parasitology, page 246,
      Similar changes occur later after the menopause that, if not ideal for colonization by T. vaginalis they are clearly not impossible, since both prepubertal and post-menopausal trichomoniases in females are well described.
    • 2006, Linh Khanh Vuong, Chapter 17: Gynecologic Disorders, Richard A. Helms, David J. Quan (editors), Textbook of Therapeutics: Drug and Disease Management, page 391,
      Trichomoniasis is the most prevalent nonviral sexually transmitted infection in humans worldwide.
    • 2009, Sarah L. Cudmore, Gary E. Garber, Chapter 74: Diagnosis and Treatment of Metronidazole-Resistant Trichomonas vaginalis Infection, Douglas Mayers (editor), Antimicrobial Drug Resistance, Volume 2: Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects, page 1092,
      Trichomoniasis has long been considered a disease of women, but the disease can also cause significant morbidity in men.



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