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Proper noun[edit]

triple O

  1. (Australia) Phonetic rendition of Australia′s emergency services telephone number, 000.


See also[edit]

  • (emergency services phone number): 000 (Australia), 112 (EU), 911 (US), 999 (UK, Ireland)


triple O (plural triple O's)

  1. (US) A one-on-one.
    • 1994 February, Black Belt, page 42,
      Fight sequences fall into one of three categories: “MAMs” (many against many), “OHMs” (one hits many), and “triple O′s” (one on one). Group fights — MAMs and OHMs — are more difficult to choreograph than triple O′s, and TV shows that included well-choreographed MAMs and OHMs received higher marks than those devoid of mass attacks.
    • 2007, Rikke Schubart, Super Bitches and Action Babes: The Female Hero in Popular Cinema, 1970-2006[1], page 308:
      The triple O′s (One On One fights) are all between women (the scenes where the Bride fights Budd and Bill are too short to count as fights as one strike does it in both cases) who in Asian action fashion politely complement[sic] each others′ skills.
    • 2007, Susan Lyons, She′s On Top[2], page 20:
      “On the other hand,” Jen grinned wickedly, “you might have another triple-O.”