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one-on-one ‎(comparative more one-on-one, superlative most one-on-one)

  1. (chiefly Canada, US) Involving direct communication between two people.
  2. (sports) involving one attacker and one defender
    • 2011 September 24, David Ornstein, “Arsenal 3 - 0 Bolton”, BBC Sport:
      After several near misses, Van Persie finally reached three figures by turning in Walcott's cross before Jaaskelainen saved from Walcott when one-on-one.
  3. (mathematics) bijective or injective



one-on-one ‎(plural one-on-ones)

  1. A contest involving only one player on each side, especially of an activity often involving teams.
    Why don't we play a little one-on-one until the others show up.
    He was willing to go one-on-one with the District Attorney himself.


  • (contest between two people): triple O

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