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  • IPA(key): /ˈtɹɪpɪŋ/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɪpɪŋ



  1. present participle and gerund of trip


tripping (comparative more tripping, superlative most tripping)

  1. Quick; nimble; stepping lightly and quickly.
  2. (heraldry, not comparable) Having the right forefoot lifted, the others remaining on the ground, as if trotting; trippant.
    a buck tripping
    • 1828, William Berry, Encyclopaedia Heraldica, Or Complete Dictionary of Heraldry:
      Robinson, [...] vert, on a chev. betw. three bucks, tripping, or, as many cinquefoils gu.—Crest, a buck, tripping, or.
    • 1846, William Newton, A Display of Heraldry, page 97:
      [A] buck tripping proper (of its natural colour), is borne by the name of Williams; Argent, a buck tripping proper, attired and unguled (horned and hoofed) or, by the name of Holme, in Scotland. The same arms are borne by the []
    • 1894, Notes and Queries, Historical, Biographical and Genealogical, Relating Chiefly to Interior Pennsylvania, page 53:
      Ar. three stags tripping ppr.
  3. (slang) Undergoing a hallucinogenic trip.
  4. (slang) Saying or acting crazy or foolish.
    “He’s tripping!” “Your tripping


tripping (plural trippings)

  1. The act of one who trips.
    • 1821, The Recreative Review, or Eccentricities of Literature and Life:
      At present we only produce some of those slips and trippings of the tongue and pen to which we are all liable in our unguarded moments []