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trivial +‎ -ism


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trivialism (countable and uncountable, plural trivialisms)

  1. A trivial matter or method; a triviality.
    • Thomas Carlyle
      When, across the hundredfold poor scepticisms, trivialisms and constitutional cobwebberies of Dryasdust, you catch any glimpse of a William the Conqueror, a Tancred of Hauteville or suchlike, — do you not discern veritably some rude outline of a true God-made King [] ?
  2. (logic) The theory that every proposition and its negation is true.
    • 2004, Graham Priest, ‎J. C. Beall, ‎Bradley Armour-Garb, The Law of Non-contradiction: New Philosophical Essays (page 252)
      If it is possible for trivialism to be true, it may be false as well as true that all humans are mammals []
    • 2008, Peter Baofu, The future of post-human mathematical logic, page 97:
      This charge of trivialism is also called the principle of explosion []
    • 2012, Koji Tanaka, ‎Francesco Berto, ‎Edwin Mares, Paraconsistency: Logic and Applications (page 296)
      Trivialism is pretty hopeless as a philosophy, although it is very easy to defend/maintain verbally!