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A portrait of Tsarevna Praskovya Ivanovna of Russia, by I. N. Nikitin, 1714
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Alternative forms[edit]


From Russian царе́вна(carévna).


tsarevna ‎(plural tsarevnas)

  1. The daughter of a tsar.
    • 1967, Leo Wiener, Anthology of Russian Literature from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, Volume 1, page 138,
      The Tsaréviches and Tsarévnas have each separate apartments and servants to look after them.
    • 2004, Evgeniĭ Viktorovich Anisimov, Five Empresses: Court Life in Eighteenth-Century Russia, page 186,
      And a long line of bridegrooms courted the tsarevna one after another: [] Perhaps the fastidious tsarevna might even have found some of the bridegrooms to her liking.
    • 2010, Yelena Mazour-Matusevich, Alexandra S. Korros, Aron I͡Akovlevich Gurevich, Saluting Aron Gurevich: Essays in History, Literature and Other Related Subjects, page 120,
      There he became acquainted with maids in service to Ekaterina Alekseevna, Peter the Great's half-sister, and through them, he gained the tsarevna’s favor.

Related terms[edit]