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From tuck (snack food) + shop.

Alternative forms[edit]


tuck shop (plural tuck shops)

  1. (Britain, Australia, New Zealand) a shop selling confectionery, especially one in or near a school.
    • 1989, Jenny Ridgwell, Louise Davies, Skills in Home Economics: Technology, Heinemann Educational Publishers, page 11,
      One way is to make the sandwiches then choose the three most popular sandwiches to sell in the tuck shop.
    • 1996, K. S. Sidhu, School Organisation And Administration, Sterling Publishers, India, page 90,
      If possible a school must have a place for a tuck shop.
    • 2005, Susan K. Moore, I Remember Bare Bottoms and Stinging Nettles[1], page 108:
      You had a small amount of pocket money and this increased as you went along and there was a tuck shop where you could spend your earnings. [] I became a senior boy and then a pefect and it became my responsibility to run the tuck shop.
    • 2009, R. Burger, B. P. Carels, S. Els, FET College Series: Life Orientation: NCV 4, Pearson Education South Africa, page 163,
      In this case, the problem is that the tuck-shop has stopped making money and will have to close if you can′t find out what is wrong.
    • 2009, Maria Cross, Barbara MacDonald, Nutrition in Institutions, Wiley, UK, page 49,
      However, a trend for healthier tuck shops, selling fruit in particular, had already emerged a few years before legislation was introduced.
    • 2011, Peter May, The Blackhouse, Quercus, UK, page 23,
      ‘That note you′re holding is an order for the Crobost Stores, to restock the tuck shop.’
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