turn up for the books

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turn up for the books (plural turn ups for the books)

  1. Alternative form of turn up for the book
    • 2011, Lee Martin, The Lipstick Killers, ISBN 1842436252:
      What a turn up for the books. Monty; dead. She couldn't deny that he'd been a pain in the arse sometimes, pompous and pedantic, but then, that was a byproduct of his job and she knew that he'd loved Sharon and their children.
    • 2012, Hannah Richell, The Secrets of the Tides, ISBN 9781444813753, page 394:
      Well, this is a turn up for the books . . . After weeks of 'Tobias, I want you', 'Tobias, I need you' you just want to call it a day?
    • 2014, Alfie Robins, Just Whistle, ISBN 190756523X:
      It was still reasonably early when I'd been fed and watered so I headed back to the hotel and, low and behold, here was another turn up for the books. About fifty metres ahead of me was another of Jan's cronies.