tutti quanti

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Alternative forms[edit]


From Italian tutti quanti.


tutti quanti pl

  1. All, everything, everyone; all that, all of those.
    • 1796, Edward Gibbon, Memoirs of my Life and Writing, p. 77:
      his illiberal use of Voltaire, Hume, Buffon, the Abbe Reynal, Dr. Robertson, and tutti quanti can be injurious only to himself.
    • 2010, Tony Judt, New York Review of Books, Blog, 11 Mar 2010:
      I knew my Foucault as well as anyone and was familiar with Firestone, Millett, Brownmiller, Faludi, e tutte quante.



tutti quanti m (invariable) (Feminine: tutte quante)

  1. everyone, all and sundry
  2. everything