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From twi- +‎ weekly.


twi-weekly (comparative more twi-weekly, superlative most twi-weekly)

  1. (rare) bi-weekly
    • 1898, Alfred Thomas Story, The building of the British Empire, page 16:
      The result of this liberty was that a number of weekly or twi-weekly news-sheets were soon started, which, though they were small and at first but poorly furnished with news, laid the foundation of our present-day newspaper press, wielding a power that makes the world one vast judgment-hall, and to a large extent the initiative and referendum of all measures for the public good and the advancement of civilisation.
    • 1906, The Railway World, volume 50, page 593:
      As a consequence of the opening of the Simplon tunnel in May, Consul J. A. Smith, of Leghorn, reports that a twi-weekly "train de luxe" is to be placed in service over the new route for passengers between England and Italy via Calais, Paris, Lausanne, and Milan.
    • 1954, American Plant Food Journal, volumes 8-9, page 44:
      However, with more newspaper circulation under their direct control than the total of all 10,000 weekly, semi-weekly, and twi-weekly papers in cities under 50,000 people— with network programs on radio — and with the largest propaganda program in the nation outside government ... it has not been difficult for labor's professional officials to use the farmer as a vehicle for the advancement of their own cause.
    • 1960, John Henry Cutler, Put it on the Front Page, Please!, page 222:
      [] was provided and used during all the years the mail stagecoach made its twi-weekly trips between Plymouth and Boston, thus inaugurating the first "rural delivery" which continued until the railroad succeeded the coach.


twi-weekly (comparative more twi-weekly, superlative most twi-weekly)

  1. (rare) bi-weekly