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twist +‎ -y


twisty (comparative twistier, superlative twistiest)

  1. that twists
  2. curly

Derived terms[edit]

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twisty (plural twisties)

  1. Something that is twisty, such as a road
    • 2007 March 18, Lawrence Ulrich, “There’s More Than Meets the Eye”, in New York Times[1]:
      On lonely twisties in upstate New York, the driver of a Porsche Boxster S surely found my unshakable Mini anything but cute.
  2. A strand of hair twisted together in a braid-like fashion
    • 2007 March 22, Randal C. Archibold, “I Have Taken on My Daughter’s Hair and Won”, in New York Times[2]:
      I was introduced to the panorama of twisties, barrettes, hair and scalp conditioner (basically hair grease), brushes for every occasion and narrow- and wide-tooth combs.