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Blend of Twitter +‎ swoosh.

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Particularly: “Source and explanation needed: why swoosh and not e.g. whoosh?”


twoosh (plural twooshes)

  1. (Internet, slang) A tweet which precisely meets the 280-character (previously 140) limit set by microblogging service Twitter.
    • 2010, Hollis Thomases, Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day, Wiley Publishing (2010), →ISBN, page 21:
      Intentionally trying to write a twoosh is almost as challenging as writing haiku, although twooshes do frequently occur on their own!
    • 2012, Michael A. Memoli, "Obama declares himself a 'master tweeter'", Los Angeles Times, 25 May 2012:
      On Friday, the administration also released some behind-the-scenes footage. It shows an aide, deputy director for online outreach Kori Schulman, complimenting the president for what she calls a “twoosh," or a perfect, 140-character tweet (a Twitter swoosh).
      "Are you proud of me?" he asks.
      “It was a record for twooshes," Schulman says.
      "I'm the twoosh master," Obama says.
    • 2012, Jim Winter, "OMG! Pope Sends Tweet", Telegraph-Herald, 13 December 2012:
      5 a.m. Dubuque time: "Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank you for your generous response. I bless all of you from my heart." It was a twoosh, a Twitter term for a tweet of exactly 140 characters.