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typewriter +‎ -y


typewritery (comparative more typewritery, superlative most typewritery)

  1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a typewriter.
    • 1893, The Nation, Volume 57, Number 1480, 9 November 1893, page 350:
      Its etchings, by Herbert Nye, are steeped in the spirit of the story. The type, imitated, with supposed improvements, from a quarto Elzevir (a type not compressed like that of the pocket Elzevirs), is too modern in its businesslike roundness and with its typewritery short tails to the bs and ds, ps and qs.
    • 1904, Process Review and Journal of Electrotyping, Volumes 9-10, page 444:
      Naturally, it looks "typewritery," but it is not displeasing, and is quite neat.
    • 2012, Alan Trevennor, Practical AVR Microcontrollers: Games, Gadgets, and Home Automation with the Microcontroller Used in the Arduino, Apress (2012), ISBN 9781430244462, page 374:
      Indeed, the serial data transmission method that we looked at in the preceding section was originally worked out to allow typewritery machines called teletypes (you sometimes see them in very old movies) to talk to early computers.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:typewritery.