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úkuntó class 17

  1. something
    Synonyms: ukuntoko
  2. plaything, pet
    Synonyms: ukuntoko


Class 17
Singular Plural
Full form ukunto
Locative ekuntweni
Singular Plural
Full form ukunto
Simple form kunto
Locative ekuntweni
Copulative ngukunto
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
Modifier Substantive Modifier Substantive
Class 1 wokunto owokunto
Class 2 bokunto abokunto
Class 3 wokunto owokunto
Class 4 yokunto eyokunto
Class 5 lokunto elokunto
Class 6 okunto awokunto
Class 7 sokunto esokunto
Class 8 zokunto ezokunto
Class 9 yokunto eyokunto
Class 10 zokunto ezokunto
Class 11 lwokunto olwokunto
Class 14 bokunto obokunto
Class 15 kwokunto okwokunto
Class 17 kwokunto okwokunto