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Men wearing ulsters in early 20th century.


Named after the Ulster Overcoat Company of Belfast, Northern Ireland (Ulster), the original maker of this type of coat.



ulster ‎(plural ulsters)

  1. (clothing, men's attire) A long, loose overcoat made of wool or other rough material, often called a greatcoat, which sometimes features an attached shoulder cape covering the back and sleeves, and which can sometimes be buttoned in front.
    • 1891, Arthur Conan Doyle, A Scandal in Bohemia, Norton, published 2005, page 32:
      I hardened my heart and took the smoke-rocket from under my ulster.
    • 1905, Baroness Emmuska Orczy, chapter 1, in The Case of Miss Elliott[1]:
      “Do I fidget you ?” he asked apologetically, whilst his long bony fingers buried themselves, string, knots, and all, into the capacious pockets of his magnificent tweed ulster.

Derived terms[edit]