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un- +‎ assessability


unassessability (uncountable)

  1. The state or characteristic of being incapable of being assessed, evaluated, or pondered.
    • 1966, John Portz, "A Composition Institute," New Trends in English Education-Selected Addresses Delivered at the Conference on English Education, vol. 4, National Council of Teachers of English, p. 77 (Google search result):
      I also admit to a certain suspicion of evaluations, partly out of ignorance of the techniques and the machinery involved, and partly out of a perverse pride in the slowly dying academic legend about the royal subjectivity and therefore unassessability of the English discipline—especially where writing is concerned.
    • 1992, Jeff Cumberbatch, "In Freedom's Cause: The Contract to Negotiate," Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, vol. 12, no. 4, p. 587:
      Lord Denning MR had based his objections, in Courtney and Fairbairn Ltd v Tolaini Brothers (Hotels) Ltd, on the unassessability of damages.
    • 1996, Canadian Criminal Cases—Third Series, vol. 106, p. 127 (Google search result):
      The rationale for the rule excluding hearsay evidence—the unassessability of such evidence—also underlies Glithero J .'s ruling.

Usage notes[edit]