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Prepositional phrase[edit]

under a cloud

  1. (idiomatic) Whose future is uncertain due to an anticipated threat or change in circumstance.
    • 2012, Iain W. Provan, 1 & 2 Kings, Understanding the Bible Commentary Series, unnumbered page,
      First Kings 9:10-10:29 brings us back to see the glory of this empire. It is glory that must now be seen with respect to 8:22-53 and 9:1-9. It is therefore glory under a cloud, destined to fade away.
  2. (idiomatic) Under suspicion; subject to critical inspection.
    • 1900, Christopher Gustavus Tiedeman, A Treatise on State and Federal Control of Persons and Property in in the United States, Considered from Both a Civil and Criminal Standpoint, 2002, Volume 1, page 103,
      A man accused of a crime is entitled to a speedy trial, not merely because he is under a personal restraint, but also because his reputation is under a cloud, as long as the criminal accusation remains undisposed of.
    • 1900, C.S. Walton, The Civil Law in Spain and Spanish-America, page 13,
      The enlarged Chilean navy was placed under the command of dashing Lord Cochrane, a very distinguished admiral of the British Royal Navy, then under a cloud at home, who took service under the Chilean flag, [] .
    • 2006, Eliot Sefrin, Under a Cloud, page 233,
      “The department feels it's got to suspend any cop who's under a cloud if they're going to maintain public faith in the system. [] "
  3. (idiomatic) In or into controversial circumstances.
    • 1966, Helen Wells, Cherry Ames: The Mystery in the Doctor's Office, page 67,
      “Did she resign?” Cherry asked.
      “No, Dr. Fairall fired her. Zelda left here under a cloud. Sort of mysterious. I never found out exactly."
    • 2014 Feb. 27, Yogesh Naik and Bipin Kumar Singh, "Submarine mishap sinks navy chief," Mumbai Mirror (India) (retrieved 1 March 2014):
      [A] series of mishaps including the sinking of INS Sindhurakshak in August last year has put him under a cloud.


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