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From under- +‎ hang.


underhang (third-person singular simple present underhangs, present participle underhanging, simple past and past participle underhung)

  1. (transitive) To suspend; hang.
    • 2005, Steve Cory, Decks: Plan, Design, Build:
      Though less commonly done, it is best to underhang framing pieces — such as letting the girder extend well beyond the end joists if the girder is especially attractive.


underhang (plural underhangs)

  1. That which underhangs.
    • 1987, Patricia Volk, White light:
      A piece of oatmeal stuck in the underhang of Roy's lip. May sipped her morning coffee, watching it bob as he spoke.
    • 1966, IEEE Industry and General Applications Group, IEEE transactions on industry and general applications: Volume 2:
      This spreads the angle of the copper to between 35 and 40 degrees from the 30-degree underhang and pushes the insulated nose of the steel V outward enough to fracture the mica segment [...].