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un- +‎ dry



  1. (rare) Not dry.
    • 1920, A. Ashmun Kelly, The Expert Paint Mixer, page 145 [1]:
      If paint is applied and is undry when evening comes, the frosty air of night may destroy the gloss and make the surface paint very unsightly.
    • 2005, Eric Puchner, "Essay #3: Leda and the Swan", in Music Through the Floor, 2007 Scribner edition, →ISBN, page 43 [2]:
      His clothes were only a little damp, despite the undry weather.



  1. (rare, transitive) To cause (something) to be not dry.
    • 1947, George Bijur, "Chicken Demi-Deuil", reprinted in, 2004, Ruth Reichl, editor, Remembrance of Things Paris: Sixty Years of Writing from Gourmet, 2005 edition, →ISBN, page 21 [3]:
      As we continued to "undry the throat" with a Cognac de guerre, Claudine suddenly interrupted.
    • 1997 March 27, "young lion" <anon-12967@anon.twwells.com>, "re:hair and nails", message-ID <5hems8$2be@twwells.com>, alt.support.eating-disord, Usenet [4]:
      to give you even more bad news, you may need fat in your diet to undry your hair. your body produces oil to moisturize your hair. it needs fat to manufacture these( fatty acid deficiencies in animals produce a dry, rough haircoat) .


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