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un- +‎ fazed



unfazed (comparative more unfazed, superlative most unfazed)

  1. Not frightened or hesitant; undaunted; not put off; unimpressed.
    After stumbling and landing on her face, the toddler picked herself up and continued unfazed.
    • 1885 November 9, “They Talk About It”, in St. Paul Daily Globe[1], St. Paul, MN, page 5:
      Say, but isn't Annie Watson a dandy witness? She testified as straight as a book. And she stood a hot cross-examination unphased.
    • 1889 March 11, “Social and Personal”, in Washington Critic[2], Washington, DC, page 2:
      The Johnnie O'Briens and the Barney O'Rourkes were there, too, apparently unfazed by the magnificence of the surroundings.
    • 1984, Steven Levy, chapter 1, in Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution[3]:
      When outsiders heard the melodies of Johann Sebastian Bach in a single-voice, monophonic square wave, no harmony, they were universally unfazed. Big deal!
    • 2005, Sean Dooley, The Big Twitch, Sydney: Allen and Unwin, page 131:
      Stu couldn't believe I was so unfazed by the whole incident, though inwardly I resolved that I wouldn't let this bastard have the last laugh.
    • 2023 August 13, Hurubie Meko, “After Queens Shark Bite, Drones Buzz Over Unfazed Beachgoers”, in The New York Times[4], →ISSN:
      Shark attacks are very rare, according to experts. The Rockaway Beach attack appeared to be the first confirmed shark bite in New York City waters in decades. While beachgoers seemed mostly unfazed, the encounter prompted city officials to deploy more drones, boats and helicopters to monitor the city’s beaches.
  2. (archaic) Undamaged.
    • 1855 December, T. B. Thorpe, “Remembrances of the Mississippi”, in Harper's New Monthly Magazine[5], volume xii, number lxvii, New York, NY, page 35:
      The tall man throughout was "unphased"—the dewy and least compact one surrendered!
    • 1874, Moses Adams, What I Did With My Fifty Millions[6], Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., page 106:
      Being a lad of a little upwards of a century, and maintaining, as all widowers do, that I was unfazed by time []
    • 1876 January 18, “Local News”, in State Journal[7], Jefferson City, MO, page 3:
      He next, while the flame continued to heat the chimney to the utmost, dashed upon it a dipper of water, and still the chimney was unfazed


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