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un- +‎ free


unfree (comparative more unfree or unfreer or unfree-er, superlative most unfree or unfreest or unfree-est)

  1. Not free; lacking freedom, especially (historical) of a tenant who was bound to a manor.
    • 2006, James R. Otteson, Actual Ethics, page 17:
      Economically free countries enjoy decentralized power, whereas the power in economically unfree countries is centralized.



unfree (plural unfrees)

  1. (historical) A person lacking freedom, such as a tenant bound to a manor.
    • 1863, James Paterson, History of the Counties of Ayr and Wigton (parts 1-2, page ccviii)
      The commissioners then proceeded to consider the various petitions and remonstrances of the unfrees, and to determine the amount to be levied from each.