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Alternative forms[edit]


From un- +‎ fuck up +‎ -able. Compare fuckupable.


  • (file)


unfuckupable (not comparable)

  1. (humorous, slang, vulgar) That cannot be fucked up; very simple to achieve.
    • 2014, Andrew Spencer, Twenty-Six Miles[1]:
      All I know is that Molly and Rooster pretty much fucked up what I thought was an unfuckupable plan.


unfuckupable (countable and uncountable, plural unfuckupables)

  1. Someone or something that can't be fucked up.
    • 2008, Dick Masterson, Men Are Better Than Women[2], page 189:
      That's women. Fucking up the unfuckupable since the Garden of Eden.
    • 2013, Zach Golden, What the F*@# Should I Drink?: The Answers to Life's Most Important Question of Your Day (in 75 F*@#ing Recipes)[3], →ISBN, page PT4:
      Attempt to fuck up the un-fuck-up-able with a fucking MF Special
    • 2015 December 16, “This fight is overeems last on his contract”, in Wild:
      This fight now is a big one for him. Fuck up one of the unfuckupables and you have bargaining power......