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unilateral +‎ -ist


unilateralist (comparative more unilateralist, superlative most unilateralist)

  1. Supporting or advocating unilateralism
    • 2009, January 25, “James Mann”, in At the White House, What’s Old May Be New[1]:
      Yet he emerged as the driving force for the administration’s unilateralist policies.
    • 2009, March 1, “Samuel J. Spiegel and Philippe Le Billon”, in China’s weapons trade: from ships of shame to the ethics of global resistance[2]:
      the US is hegemonic, unilateralist, dismissive of international law and the United Nations


unilateralist (plural unilateralists)

  1. A supporter of unilateralism.
    • 2009 September 26, Mark Landler, “Israeli Ambassador Draws on American Roots”, in New York Times[3]:
      “I am the last of the standing unilateralists,” Mr. Oren declared in a lecture in March at Georgetown University, where he was a visiting professor in Jewish studies until being named ambassador.