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un- +‎ incorporate


unincorporate (third-person singular simple present unincorporates, present participle unincorporating, simple past and past participle unincorporated)

  1. To undo or remove the incorporation of.
    • 1987, Paul N. Strassels, The 1986 Tax Reform Act: Making It Work for You:
      And if you are already incorporated, you may want to investigate the possibility of unincorporating, or at least electing subchapter S tax status for your business operations.
    • 1992, The Kiplinger Tax Letter:
      Unincorporating doesn't trigger a pension break in this situation: A doctor liquidated his corporation and terminated its pension coverage, taking lump-sum payout. But he continued practicing as a sole proprietor at the same address ...
  2. To not incorporate.
    • 1996, Maura Velázquez-Castillo, The Grammar of Possession, →ISBN, page 104:
      There are consistent semantic differences between incorporating and unincorporating structures, [...]

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unincorporate (comparative more unincorporate, superlative most unincorporate)

  1. (chiefly law, sometimes postpositive) Not incorporated.
    bodies corporate or unincorporate