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un- +‎ polished


unpolished (comparative more unpolished, superlative most unpolished)

  1. Not polished; not brought to a polish.
  2. Deprived of polish.
  3. Not refined in manners or style
    Synonyms: plain, rude, uncivilized; see also Thesaurus:impolite
    Antonyms: civilized, polished, refined
    • 1594, Michael Drayton, “[Sonnets.] To the Deere Chyld of the Muses, and His Euer Kind Mecænas, Ma. Anthony Cooke, Esquire.”, in Cyril Brett, editor, Minor Poems of Michael Drayton, Oxford, Oxfordshire: Clarendon Press, published 1907, OCLC 71393529, page 1:
      Vovchsafe to grace these rude vnpolish'd rymes, / Which long (dear friend) haue slept in sable night, / And, come abroad now in these glorious tymes, / Can hardly brook the purenes of the light.

Derived terms[edit]