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un- +‎ pollute


unpollute (third-person singular simple present unpollutes, present participle unpolluting, simple past and past participle unpolluted)

  1. To remove pollutants from; to purify.
    • 1970, Monograph - Issues 11-14, page 85:
      Suppose the President were to say (copying some language used once before) that, before the end of this decade, we shall unpollute the Great Lakes.
    • 1975, Morris E. Chafetz, Research, Treatment, and Prevention:
      And it is now time for the industry to fully realize that it cannot escape its responsibility to unpollute the American drinking environment, just as other industries have found that they cannot escape their responsibility to unpollute the natural environment.
    • 1979, Richard Adler, All in the family: a critical appraisal, page 80:
      If he wants to unpollute something, let him unpollute the movies. All them nudies.
    • 1992, Richard Kenneth Barksdale, Praisesong of Survival: Lectures and Essays, 1957-89, page 51:
      How can we throw off the mantle of ethical invisibility and, at the same time, unpollute the atmosphere and the environment, and, as one black poet wrote, "clean out the world for virtue and love"?
    • 2010, Publius Papinius Statius, The Thebaid: Seven against Thebes:
      Let your departure unpollute our city.