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un- +‎ sash +‎ -ed


unsashed (not comparable)

  1. Not fitted with a sash.
    • 1841, Charles Dickens, Barnaby Rudge
      A gleam of sun shining through the unsashed window, and chequering the dark workshop with a broad patch of light, fell full upon him, as though attracted by his sunny heart.
    • 1852, Antonio Diodoro Pascual -, The ruins of the Paraclete, page 27:
      The sun with accelerated pace abandoned the horizon, so that the darkness of night entering by the unsashed skylights of the ruins, mingled with the gloom shed by the dense foliage which served for curtains.
    • 1858, Paul Hamilton Payne, Russell's Magazine - Volume 2, page 119:
      One storied in height — barred at the windows — unsashed — and with roofs covered by coarse tiles — they make no favorable first impression.
  2. Not fastened with a sash.
    • 2006, Lorrie Goldensohn, Dismantling Glory, →ISBN:
      Before I can shout a warning the garment comes unsashed, instead of womanflesh, an automatic rifle flashes in an arc, and firing from the hip, the man runs for his life.
    • 2008, Sean Nevin, Oblivio Gate, →ISBN, page 52:
      I, for one, had to dance through the hedges and out into the road, tour jete, chasse, my terry-cloth robe unsashed and flapping in what the police report described as a moment of weakness cloaked in exceptional grace.
    • 2014, Ru Emerson, The Calling of the Three, →ISBN:
      A man seated near the middle of the table rose to his feet and inclined his upper body, extending his hands to either side. He was tall, slender except for the stomach that tugged at his light-colored shirt that he wore loose and unsashed over.



  1. simple past tense and past participle of unsash