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un- +‎ straightforward


unstraightforward (comparative more unstraightforward, superlative most unstraightforward)

  1. Not straightforward; oblique, evasive, equivocal, indirect.
    • 1887, A. C. Yate, England and Russia Face to Face in Asia, William Blackwood and Sons, page 443:
      …blame attaches solely to the Liberal Government then in power, for its tortuous and unstraightforward policy.
    • 1996 August 23, Will Zachmann, "Re: Will Zachmann drops OS/2 ??", in alt.org.team-os2, Usenet:
      …I have been no kinder to IBM concerning IBM's abandonment of OS/2 (which is, in fact, what IBM is doing despite a superficial pretense at "continuing to support and enhance" the product) than I was concerning Microsoft's equally unstraightforward abandonment of OS/2 the winter of '90/'91.
    • 2012, Peter Sayer, Ambiguities and Tensions in English Language Teaching, Routledge, →ISBN, page 2:
      The answer I will suggest to both questions is “yes,” although in rather surprising and unstraightforward ways.

Derived terms[edit]