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up- +‎ break


upbreak (third-person singular simple present upbreaks, present participle upbreaking, simple past upbroke, past participle upbroken)

  1. (intransitive) To break upwards; to force away or passage to the surface.


upbreak (plural upbreaks)

  1. A break-up or division.
    • 1870, The British and Foreign Evangelical Review (volume 19, page 134)
      The most ignorant will be wiser than the wisest now is by the time these words can be published, but we think this anticipation is likely to be realised: the probability of upbreak in the "Church" itself increases as the hour of the meeting of the Council approaches.
  2. A breaking upward or bursting forth; an upburst.
    • Elizabeth Barrett Browning
      the upbreak of the fountains of my heart