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Alternative forms[edit]


From ur- (original, primitive) +‎ mind.


ur-mind (plural ur-minds)

  1. The primitive, subconscious, latent, or unconscious mind; instinct.
    • 1942, William Allison Shimer, Phi Beta Kappa, The American scholar:
      [] whose deification of personal vision, whose wildly romantic glorification of the inner light, first supplied Western thought with an imposing conceptual apparatus by which to justify its habitual excursions into the dark corners of the ur-mind.
    • 1989, Richard Ellmann, Susan Dick, Essays for Richard Ellmann: Omnium Gatherum:
      [] the non-specific 'deep structure', a deep structure that presumably lies so far down in the ur-mind as to realize itself again and again in all forms of cultural activity, basket-making no less than myth-making, cooking no less than love-making.
    • 1999, Susan K. Perry, Writing in flow: keys to enhanced creativity:
      From the muse, from god, from literature itself, the subconscious mind, the Ur-mind, some kind of Jungian other, from the reptilian brain. Who knows? I ride horses a lot, and there's a lot that you feel coming from the horse when you're riding it.
    • 2003, Angela Hague, Fiction, intuition, & creativity:
      This Ur-mind also contains information about the future, information available to everyone — but particularly the novelist.