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uricosuric (not comparable)

  1. (medicine) Pertaining to gout suppressants that act directly on the renal tubule to increase the excretion of uric acid, thus reducing its concentrations in plasma.
    • 1933, W.F. von Oettingen, chapter 5, in The Therapeutic Agents of the Quinoline Group, Cinchophen, Plasmoquine, Nupercaine, Quinine and Acridine Dyes; the Relation between their Chemical Constitution and Pharmacologic Action, page 90-91:
      The relation of chemical constitution to the effect on the uric acid excretion, the uricosuric action, of cinchophen was first studied by Niccolaier and Dohrn (1908).
    • 1934 December, Gray, M.G.; G.P. Grabfield, “Studies on the denervated kidney II. The action of sodium salicylate on the uric acid, allantoin, sodium chloride and total nitrogen excretion in dogs”, in Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, volume 52, number 4, page 384:
      If the contention of Folin and Lyman and of Denis as to the identity of the uricosuric activity of cinchophen and the salicylates is correct, the same alterations in uric acid excretion should occur when the latter is administered after section of renal nerves as when cinchophen is given.


uricosuric (plural uricosurics)

  1. Any medicine of this kind.