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Probably borrowed from German uzen (to kid; tease).



utz (third-person singular simple present utzes, present participle utzing, simple past and past participle utzed)

  1. (transitive) To prod; goad; push someone's buttons
    Since you saved my life you decided you have the right to run it. You’ve utzed me along every step of the way. You’ve hammered, drove, pushed, shoved, and if that wasn’t enough, you’d looked at me with those great big cow eyes of yours … and I’d melt and go along. — Bing Crosby, White Christmas.
    • 1992, Leo Rosten, The Joys of Yinglish:
      He picked up several large canteloupes, hefted them for weight, then utzed the farmer, “Hey, can't you sabras grow bigger peaches than these?”
    • 2008, Steve Almond, Not That You Asked:
      The girl with the auburn hair was lingering, too. Her name was Susan. She was talking with the blonde who had utzed her to talk to Vonnegut.