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vagabond +‎ -ish


vagabondish (comparative more vagabondish, superlative most vagabondish)

  1. Like a vagabond.
    • 1868, Robert Black, A Popular History of France From The Earliest Times[1]:
      But, in the same domains and at the end of the same century, his grandson William VII. was the most vagabondish, dissolute, and violent of princes; and his morals were so scandalous that the bishop of Poitiers, after having warned him to no purpose, considered himself forced to excommunicate him.
    • 1931, Vachel Lindsay, The Congo and Other Poems[2]:
      It is hardly necessary, perhaps, to mention Mr. Lindsay's loyalty to the people of his place and hour, or the training in sympathy with their aims and ideals which he has achieved through vagabondish wanderings in the Middle West.