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value statement (plural value statements)

  1. A non-descriptive statement.
    • 1995, Warren A. Shibles, Emotion in Aesthetics[1]:
      How do we recognize a value statement? How can we distinguish a value statement from a descriptive one? Are value statements those characterized by involving opinions or judgments?
    • 1997, James William Lett, Science, Reason, and Anthropology: The Principles of Rational Inquiry[2]:
      This is obviously and explicitly a value statement: Stoller's contention is that ethnography is the most valuable part of anthropology and that it should be more highly valued by anthropologists.
    • 1998, Arto Siitonen, “The Ontology of Facts and Values”, in Axel Wüstehube, Michael Quante, editors, Pragmatic idealism: Critical Essays on Nicholas Rescher's System of Pragmatic Idealism[3]:
      This means that in case you have a value statement as a consequence of your reasoning, there must have been at least one value statement among your premises.
    • 2001, Thomas M. Dicken, Rem Blanchard Edwards, Dialogues on Values and Centers of Value: Old Friends, New Thoughts[4]:
      A very natural value statement might occur if I were to say, "Rem, you ought to try Vermont wildflower seeds. I think they are better than Arizona wildflower seeds. Preferring includes recommending as a sub-category!
  2. (business) An organisation's statement of its ethical values, complementary to mission statement and vision statement.

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