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vanity +‎ -ize


vanitize (third-person singular simple present vanitizes, present participle vanitizing, simple past and past participle vanitized)

  1. (transitive) To embellish for reasons of vanity.
    • 1876, Fontnell S. Chad: A Reminiscence, J. Masters and Co., page 43,
      [] when I went up to administer to Carrie a small lecture on imprudence, the vain child was still at the glass, trying the effect of a pair of earrings on the background of her hair which hung loose round her shoulders....
      "I told her she was a great goose," said Goda, who like a sensible being was snugly tucked up in bed; "it is a great deal too cold to vanitize."
    • 2006 September 27, <>, "Re: ainshe niceneven", alt.religion.druid, Usenet,
      I don't defend, offend or vanitize my body or appearance so compliments or insults in that area go over my head and past me.