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Related to Dutch wetenschap, German Wissenschaft. Apparently borrowed from Middle Low German wetenschop, together with Norwegian vitenskap, Danish videnskab.


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vetenskap c

  1. science, scholarly knowledge, scholarship (collective discipline of learning acquired through any scholarly method; totality of knowledge)
  2. any academic discipline; in general, the sciences and humanities taken as a whole

Usage notes[edit]

Vetenskap has a much broader meaning than the English word science. While science refers to systematically acquired, objective knowledge obtained through a particular methodology (such as the scientific method), and includes only natural sciences, social sciences, and formal sciences; vetenskap also includes the humanities and philosophy and refers to learning and knowledge in general, whether obtained through scientific or non-scientific means. For example, writing a scholarly book about an author's life and works is vetenskap but not "science" in the English sense.


Declension of vetenskap 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative vetenskap vetenskapen vetenskaper vetenskaperna
Genitive vetenskaps vetenskapens vetenskapers vetenskapernas

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