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view +‎ data


viewdata (usually uncountable, plural viewdatas)

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  1. (often attributive) An information retrieval service of the 1970s and 1980s permitting subscribers to access a remote database and receive requested data on a video display.
    • 1980, InfoWorld (volume 2, number 1)
      Touch-tone teletext provides many of the services of viewdata and teletext at the low cost intended for teletext alone.
    • 1981, Rex Winsbury, Viewdata in Action: A Comparative Study of Prestel‎
      A viewdata system can be succinctly described as an information and message service []
    • 1981, New Scientist
      The two European systems use an "alphamosaic" method of delivering data to a viewdata terminal screen.
    • 1982, Alan Gilchrist, Minis, Micros and Terminals for Libraries and Information Services
      A particularly important application of intelligent viewdata terminals is in telesoftware where the viewdata network is used for the distribution []

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