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Vira + Lata. Literally "he who turns the [trash] bin over"


vira-lata m, f (plural vira-latas)

  1. mutt (a dog of mixed breed).
  2. stray (dog that lives at large, without an owner)
  3. (very offensive) mongrel (person of mixed race)
  4. a Brazilian who dislikes his own country. This term originated from Nelson Rodrigues' description of Mongrel Complex (Complexo de Vira-lata), the people's tendency to view their own country in a negative way.
    "Eu tenho que sair desse Brasil. Eu odeio esse país."
    "Vai tarde, vira-lata."


vira-lata (plural vira-latas, comparable)

  1. (of a domestic animal, especially a dog) mongrel (of mixed breed)