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Vira + Lata. Literally "he who turns the [trash] bin over"


vira-lata m, f (plural vira-latas)

  1. mutt (a dog of mixed breed).
  2. stray (dog that lives at large, without an owner)
  3. (very offensive) mongrel (person of mixed race)
  4. Brazilian who dislikes his own country. This term originated from Nelson Rodrigues' description of Mongrel Complex (Complexo de Vira-lata), the people's tendency to view their own country in a negative way.
    "Eu tenho que sair desse Brazil. Eu odeio esse país."
    "Vai tarde, vira-lata."


vira-lata (plural vira-latas, comparable)

  1. (of a domestic animal, especially a dog) mongrel (of mixed breed)