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From the locative form virsū of virsus ‎(top, surface) (q.v.), or perhaps from a related form virson found in 16th- and 17th-century texts.[1]


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virs ‎(with genitive)

  1. on, over, above (with or without motion)
    mati virs galvas — hair over the head
    turēt roku virs acīm — to hold one's hand over the eyes
    uzraksts virs durvīm — the inscription above the door
    plaukts virs galda — the shelf above the desk
    temperatūra ir virs normas — the temperature is above the norm
    virs ezera kūp migla — fog hovers above the lake
    likt rokas virs segas — to put one's hands on, above the covers
    uzvilkt jaku virs kleitas — to put on, to wear a jacket over the dress

Related terms[edit]


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