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viruliferous (comparative more viruliferous, superlative most viruliferous)

  1. (biology, agriculture) Virus-carrying, especially of insects which infest agricultural crops.
    • 1968, M. J. Crampton and L. E. Watts, "Genetic Studies of Pea Leaf-Roll (Top-Yellows) Virus Resistance in Pisum sativum," New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research, vol, 11, no. 4, p. 773 (Google preview):
      Circumstantial evidence suggests that heavy infestation by viruliferous aphids can overcome the highest degree of host plant resistance.
    • 1992 Sept. 3, "Farmers concerned about frost, wheat ready for planting," McCook Daily Gazette, p. 8 (retrieved 6 March 2013):
      Viruliferous curl mites increase during summer on volunteer wheat, and are carried by air currents into the new wheat crop.
    • 2007 July 10, "Resistant variety of maize giving some hope," The Hindu (retrieved 6 March 2013):
      Maize streak virus, an endemic pathogen of native African grasses, was then carried to maize plants by viruliferous leafhoppers.